Curl Confessions is a media outlet that promotes minority owned hair companies, provides hair care education and allows people to share their hair journeys.
— Carniece Greene, CurlBoss-In-Chief

About Carniece

My name is Carniece Greene, the CurlBoss-In-Chief of Curl Confessions. I’m a graduate of Syracuse University (Go Orange!), now residing in Charlotte, NC. I LOVE to dance, travel, talk wealth and money management, and just live a positive life. I’m a lover of many things, but hair care is a passion.

I made the decision to return natural in fall ’12 out of frustration for healthier hair. Through my journey, I noticed my own lack of knowledge when caring for my hair and that other women had similar issues. I dedicated years of research, countless “kitchen beautician” experiments, worked at hair expos, and became a licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist in order to understand the issues that plague our community today.

I realized three things: minority owned hair care companies could use more exposure to market products to the masses, we need to have honest conversations about our personal hair journeys, and that there’s still a need for hair care education.

Through this, Curl Confessions was born!

Why Curl Confessions?

Curl Confessions was birthed on the desire to create a platform for hair care companies that aren’t being heard. I attend a lot of events and I’m very big on building lasting partnerships and professional relationships. I believe in the power of the consumer to shift the dynamics of the multi-billion-dollar hair care industry when educated on product availability.


I believe in sharing hair care knowledge to help one another grow our hair to its full potential. Through honest conversations we can support one another and have fun with our journeys. Everyone’s hair may not be like the next person’s, but everyone can achieve healthy hair.

Why start here? My goal is to make a difference in the world and hair care is one of the areas I’ve chosen to do so. By helping minority brands get their products to the forefront and by educating consumers, my goal is to help us take back ownership of the hair care industry and build a community filled with awareness of the options available for managing natural hair.

When hair talks, we listen! So connect with us!